1950 cm3 200 HP 8000 revs


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Charly Carcreff gives us his engine "recipe" for the R 12 G.


In order to achieve 1950 cm3, the engine block has been rebored to accept 86mm diameter cylinder sleeves. These are made of special steel (exact formula a secret) and ground down so that their baseplates are never more than a millimetre thick! The pistons are from Cosworth, imported rough forged. Carcreff has them machined to his own specifications and then fined down. They each weigh 40g less than the 1596 pistons!

  It seems as if the crankshaft has lost its counter-weights since they have been greatly reduced in size to sharpened like knives to offer less resistance when splashing into in the oil. Twelve kilos (!) were gained in the crankshaft-fly wheel assembly (in slender aluminium). H-section in forged steel for the connecting rods; rocker arm shanks made from zicral, spring retainers made from titanium - nothing but the best molecules! Piston rings and bearings are specially made as is the camshaft, which has been designed to high performance specifications.




Bi -Turbo 2946 cm3 300 HP 6500 revs